Beauty & Acupuncture

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Studies have found that each one of us has several hundred toxic chemicals in our bodies. We are exposed to chemicals on a daily basis through the air we breathe, food we eat, water we drink and what we absorb through our skin. Many of the chemicals we are exposed to come from everyday products like skin creams, cosmetics, detergents and even furniture.  


Most facials I offer are performed on organic range of 'Natural Elements' products
​Each facial is prescribed individually after consultation and careful skin examination
Each treatment consists of:

Cleansing, exfoliation, steaming and manual extraction with deep cleansinf facial, massage, mask application, choice of foot or arm massage (not included in mini-facial), mask removal and moisturising.


Derma Roller treatments are available for younger, smoother and brighter skin.
​As we age, our bodies slow down the production of collagen and we need to boost the process in order to promote our skin's natural healing ability.

Anytime there is trauma to the skin our body will generate extra collagen in order to restore itself.

This is the main principle of how Derma Rollers work.


I offer manicure treatments which consist of:
​Nail Shape / 
Cuticle soak and removal

Exfoliation / Massage

Polish application or buffing

Luxury manicure also includes paraffin wax treatment or deep moisturising mask

I use Inglot nail enamel which provides, durability, high gloss and short to medium drying time. It does not contain toluene, formaldehyde, dibuty phthalate (DBP) or camphor.


I use liquid Cetuem's most finest hair removal wax with aromatherapy oils and natural resins.

No Perfumes

No Colourings

No Preservatives

No Petrochemicals


Skin around the eyes is extremely fragile and ages quickly therefore we must pay extra attention to them.

I offer deep moisturising eye treatments.


Acupuncture treatments involve a few to several weekly or fortnightly treatments.


This will involve a detailed consultation, a physical examination to determine the patients condition, the insertion of needles and advice on self-care. The first session takes up to an hour but after most sessions last about 30 minutes.


A regular pedicure treatment consist of nail shape, aromatherapy foot soak and cuticle removal, exfoliation, hard skin removal, luxury pedicure also includes paraffin wax treatment or deep moisturising mask, massage, nail polish application or buffing.


For hard heel skin and calluses sufferers there is intensive treatment available. 

Make Up

Make up for every occation, daytime and evening make up.

Swarovski crystals and one week tattoo designs.